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About us
About Us
About us

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Shenzhen Genoimmune Medical Institute is founded by Shenzhen Government in 2015 and come into construction in 2016.The key function and goal of this institute are to provide contracted research & technical services for individually cell-based immunotherapy.  
The research team consists of many experienced scientists with expertise of clinical & translational research as headed by Dr. Lung-Ji Chang.  The advanced lentiviral vector technologies associated with CAR-T and Gene therapy will be our core competence to develop various therapeutic solutions for cancers and other genetic diseases. 

We are able to develop the 4th generation CAR-T therapeutic products with safety design to control the viability of target-specific T-cells, which is clinically proven to be the best solution to deal with the adverse effect (CRS) during CAR-T treatment; thus it is also the best therapeutic strategy for clinical applications.  
ADD: 深圳市南山区粤兴二道6号虚拟大学园重点实验室平台二层   TEL: 075586725195   Email: gimi_trials@szgimi.org

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