Travel Arrangement and Hospital Admission
Travel Arrangement and Hospital Admission
International Patients
Travel Arrangement and Hospital Admission

Chinese Visa: Patients can use a travel agent to help secure a visa. Traveler needs invitation letter from GIMI or related hospitals and present a flight plan. You may ask your travel agent to create an itinerary.


Hospital Admission: Hospital stay will be arranged for the patient by GIMI. Depending on the therapy types, the hospital stay can be as short as overnight or as long as 1-8 weeks. GIMI has several hospital affiliation and the main locations are in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hainan.


Tips about staying in hospitals in China: Expect to bring your own provisions. Having extra food that can substitute for a meal, like a protein bar, is very helpful. Ask GIMI associates to assist with toilet paper, napkins, utensils, plates, etc. You will have to ask about your meal options in different hospitals. You can often order meals from the hospital dining room, or have food delivered to your location. Your caretaker may help you get the food. Bring slippers for the room. TV will mostly available but mainly in Chinese, but you can attach a HDMI cable to the TV and watch movies from devices you bring. Wifi will be available but fairly slow. Many services will be blocked, so plan on using a VPN to avoid these restrictions or be prepared to go without Google services, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line streaming, etc. Bring personal items such as toothbrushes, towels and retainers etc. Feel free to ask for help from our assigned staff, who are always available to you 24/7.


Cost for Adoptive Cell Therapy in GIMI

All costs for therapies are all inclusive. They cover all treatment related drugs, cell preparations, hospital stays, doctor and nursing staff, testing, local transportation, etc. Patients will have to pay their own meals and travel arrangement, and hotels outside the hospital.  


General bills but may vary depending on individual cases

Depending on individual patients, after expert evaluation, an estimated cost will be provided in the service agreement.


Additional Immunotherapy and Combination Options

Checkpoint inhibitors: checkpoint inhibitors are a type of immunotherapy, mostly biologically prepared antibodies such as K drug (Keytruda) and O drug (Opdivo). Note that prior ineffective checkpoint inhibitor treatment may change after immune cell therapy and worth trying again. Checkpoint inhibitors such as Opdivo, Keytruda and Yervoy are powerful compliments to adoptive cell therapy, allowing the trained immune cells including CARTs and EIEs to attack the cancer cells. They are available as additional lines of treatment alongside adoptive cell therapy. Please consult your cancer specialists. After the specific immune cell therapy, we may recommend specific combination therapies and assist with referral doctor consultation.