Solid Organ Cancer Research
Solid Organ Cancer Research
Case Report
Case1# 9 year CR of cervical cancer patient
Sep 7th, 2019

A  34  year-old woman with cervical cancer and right pelvic pain…

Cancer History:

First diagnosis of cancer: 06/2008 Cervical cancer SCC stage IIa: pT2aN0M0

First recurrence date: 05/2010 sites: right lower pelvis 8x7 cm

Refractory or persistent disease sites: right lower pelvis with residual tumor invaded urinary bladder and rectum

Therapy gone through: Surgery:  Yes:  without residual

Chemotherapy_6_cycles, cisplatin and taxol; radiotherapy: 60 Gy, Pelvis

targeted drugs: no immunotherapy: no

Clinical Trial Number: NCT03356795 ; enrolled date: grace therapy in 2010

Interventions:  EIE others: aldesleukin (IL-2)

CRS Grade: 1 ; other side effects: nil

Treatment response: CR     Quality of Life:  improved

Progression-free interval: 9_years  1_months

Current status: No evidence of disease

Disease images before and after EIE treatment (with time)

Before After

Link of published paper, youtube, patient’s feedback letter: in preparation