Solid Organ Cancer Research
Solid Organ Cancer Research
Case Report
Case5# The PR patient of suffering from glioblastoma with relapse
Oct 18th, 2019

A 43 year-old male suffering from glioblastoma with relapse

Cancer History:

First diagnosis of cancer: 7.2018 Cancer type GBM, NOS; Stage 4

First recurrence date: 10.2018 Sites: CNS, left temporal lobe mass

Refractory or persistent disease sites: CNS, left temporal lobe

Therapy gone through: Surgery: Yes, gross total resection

Chemotherapy: Temozolomide; radiotherapy: Yes

Clinical Trial Number:NCT03170141; enrolled date: 23/10/2018

Interventions: 4SCAR (CD70, PSMA); neoantigen EIE; DC vaccines

CRS Grade: 0 ; other side effects: None

Treatment response: PR Quality of Life: stable

Progression-free interval: 10 months

Current status: Alive with disease

Disease images before and after CART/EIE/DCvac treatment (with time)