Blood Cancer Research
Blood Cancer Research
Case Report
Case8#The CR patient of high burden refractory Burkitt lymphoma
Oct 18th, 2019

A 34 year-old man with high burden refractory Burkitts lymphoma

Cancer History:

first diagnosis of cancer: 06/2013 cancer type: stage IVb

Therapy gone through:

Chemotherapy: R-CHOP, Hyper CVAD (A+B), ICE, GEMOX

Clinical Trial Number: NCT02247609; enrolled date: 26/02/2014

Interventions: 4th generation CAR targeting CD19, total 420*10e6 cells IV after lymphodepletion with Fludarabine

CRS Grade: 2

Treatment response: CR     Quality of Life: improved

Progression-free interval: _3__months

Current status: disease relapsed continued treatment needed

Disease images before and after CART treatment: