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Blood Cancer Research
Case Report
case12# The first South America B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL) boy came to China for CART therapy…
Dec 25th, 2019

Cancer History:

First diagnosis of cancer: 12/2018  Primary disease: B-ALL

First recurrence date: 06/2019 Relapsed disease sites: bone marrow

Therapy gone through: Induction and maintenance chemotherapy

Surgery: No

Chemotherapy: 5 cycles, IC BFM 2009/ Augmented Induction B(incomplete)/ HAM/FLAG IDA/ RE INDUCTION IA regimen;

Radiotherapy: No

Targeted drugs: No Other immunotherapy: No  Others: Tapering of Prednisone 10 mg per day

Clinical Trial Number: NCT04016129 ;  enrollment date: 28/10/2019


4SCAR (CD19, CD22,CD10)after Flu-Cy

CRS Grade: III ;
other side effects: lung infection

Treatment response: CR
Quality of Life: improved

Progression-free interval: from Dec 2019 till now

Current status: CR, HSCT is recommended