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Solid Organ Cancer Research
Case Report
Case13# Long term remission in a 2-year-old patient with refractory/recurrent rhabdomyosarcoma
Jan 13th, 2020

Cancer History:

First diagnosis of cancer: 09/2013  Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)  IIIa, cT2aN0M0

First recurrence date: 12/2013  sites: left posterior wall of the bladder about 34.5cm3

Refractory or persistent disease sites: left posterior wall of the bladder, recurrent tumors  invading the bladder and rectum

Therapy gone through: Surgery: Yes: 3 operations ; with minimal residual lesion Chemotherapy: 11 VAC/VTC; 8 VDC/IE and 2 CBVP; radiotherapy: 50.4Gy/28f

targeted drugs: no    immunotherapy: no    

Clinical Trial Number:  NCT02992210 and NCT03356782  ;

enrolled date: 4/29/2015

Interventions:  CART: 4SCAR-CD56    

CRS Grade: 0 ; other side effects: nil

Treatment response: CR     Quality of Life:  Improved

Progression-free interval: 4_years  6_months

Current status: No evidence of disease

Publication, youtube, patient’s feedback letter:

DOI: 10.1097/MD.0000000000017572; PMID: 31651858

Medicine. 98(43):e17572, OCTOBER 2019

CD56–chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for refractory/recurrent rhabdomyosarcoma: A 3.5-year follow-up case report

Chiyi Jiang;Wen Zhao;Maoquan Qin;Mei Jin;Lungji Chang;Xiaoli Ma